Translation memory software

Hold that thought

We like to save you money. We've invested in the latest Translation Memory Software, so once you've had text translated, there's no need to pay to have it done again, even in the middle of a completely different article. It does exactly what it says, storing your completed translation projects to recall and match for future documents. With successive projects, your personal translation database grows, sentence by sentence to be re-used over again.

Integrity and Consistency

For a new project, we send our translators the complete project to work into, including all the previous stored translation in place, to maintain the integrity and consistency. And not just for terminology: even in another language, we understand your company will talk in it's own style and tone of voice.

Shrinking costs

And here's the best bit. As the memory grows, your translation costs shrink, as previously translated phrases are re-used. Project turnaround time shrinks as sections of your translation pop in automatically from your database. So, it takes us less time to work on your project, so our costs shrink too. The more you do, the cheaper it gets.

The here and now

We're well aware the ‘global village’ is here and now and we all need a short-cut to reach our goals before our competitors. Wrights are your quickest route from where you are to where you want to be, internationally.

You have restored my faith in customer service.

Thanks for the speedy response and professional attitude.

Thank you for all your hard work over the last twelve months.

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