O2 Implementation Team

Our client

O2 Implementation team – work in partnership with business customers as they switch mobile network and join O2, to make the move as easy as it could possibly be.

The brief

To co-ordinate the transfer of around 23,000 new Network Rail customers in a 9-phase roll-out. Wrights had to:

  • allocate SIM cards to the database provided, and return for number activation
  • mail merge and print transfer letter with personal data, along with cover letters from Network Rail and O2
  • collate and pack with O2 Welcome Packs and a further insert
  • batch SIM-specific packs into segments for preset deliveries.

And all at speed.

The extra mile

A multi-string project like this is just what we relish. To make sure everyone involved knew what to expect and when, we created a series of clear, easy-to-follow flow charts for print and email. Simple, attractive and on brand for O2.

We monitored supply of all pack components: letterheads for both companies, SIM cards, envelopes, while cleansing databases, checking addresses, taking missed delivery calls and arranging redirections. Segments were mailed to single corporate addresses for internal distribution, and individual home-based workers. All with a guaranteed delivery at least a week before the transfer date.

The result

A well-oiled project that ran like a dream and impressed our client's client. The perfect outcome.

The response

“The migrations we deal with always have a great deal of personal data involved, with many angles to consider. We totally trust and rely on Wrights to cover these. This one was particularly complex and needed the Wrights touch to make sure it ran smoothly, to time and budget. It was spot on.”

Nicky Clarke, O2 Implementation Team

The skills

  • Creative
  • Database cleansing/management
  • SIM Scanning and allocation
  • Project management
  • Print
  • Fulfilment/despatch
    … and
  • ten pairs of hands

You have restored my faith in customer service.

Thanks for the speedy response and professional attitude.

Thank you for all your hard work over the last twelve months.

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